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Vitamins, Minerals and Why you the Requirement Is 50 Peaches every day

Once for a long time...
The most part of our food has arrived from the earth, and our diets consisted first of all from
Fresh fruit and vegetables. Then things have started to change...
Some scientific researches specify that you should eat almost 10 oranges to provide the same level of vitamin A which our grandmother and the grandfather has received from meal only 1 orange! Fruit not what they were in the habit to be.
In 1952 two peaches delivered Day value of Vitamin A. Today, you should eat almost 53 Peaches to meet Recommended Day value. YES, it - "Day value". You can assume to eat 53 peaches every day? On the one hand, you would spend following all the day long in a bathroom. You know about any who ever tried to eat more than 50 peaches in one day??
Peach not the Peach
We have, became the processed nation of food. Our diets are based on convenience, not to food. At all has no value if you buy "an organic" product from the local market of healthy food. Modern methods of agriculture and storage have reduced food value of many fruit and vegetables.
- It is more than 75 % of Americans do not consume recommended 5 - 13 daily portions of fruit and vegetables.
- The medical community recommends now polyvitaminic/mineral (LONG COTTON CLOTHES 2002)
But when you go to shop, there are many bottles and marks of vitamins. All of them assert, what were the best right? All of them assert that had a full source of vitamins and minerals for you. Some of them even say that they have 400 % your necessary it and 500 % your necessary it and 1200 % your necessary xyz. (Which even it is safe?)
So, what you buy for the family?
The answer: any of them!
The first Technology of Generation
- Chemically received synthetic vitamins
- Mineral salts (not food form, rocks)
- Any additional nutrients or phytochemicals
- Inexpensive and easy to make
- Makes the biggest of market %
The second Technology of Generation
- Exotic Products of Factory or Fruit
- Popular products of Juice
- Limited or any essential maintenance of vitamin/mineral
But now in 21st century we have a fascinating alternative!
All all-natural complex of Vitamins in health a natural complex of Vitamins in health
Advantage to the form of real food.
Factory-sourced minerals have received from Brassica Juncea the sprouts which have been grown up in the patented decision for gidroponiki and red sea seaweed.
It never became before! Unless you would not like the best vitamin/mineral for the family?


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